Camels have no business standing in the street on a Monday afternoon.

by Natalie

So I saw an unusual number of live camels in the street on my way home from work today. I’m counting 2 as noteworthy because the usual number of camels is…y’ camels.

Here is a picture of one…

I didn’t get a shot of the other one because I was over it by then, and also people had started to crowd around me by that point. Evidently the opportunity to take pictures of a foreigner trying to photograph something as mundane as a casual camel standing in the street was one not to be missed.

Also here are 2 separate, terribly lit, photos of men staring through my office window as proof that, in China, the mere sight of me is so shockingly alien that I might be in danger of being captured and held captive for use as a tourist attraction like the camels.

Happy Monday.